Thursday, October 27, 2011

"tokek" lizard

Last nite bout to went to sleep, suddenly my friend with his brother came to my house. Then they showed me something rather interesting. it is an animal they said. Then I saw them took out a cage from the car. At the first time when I saw that thing, i was shocked. “Ni anak buaya ke anak biawak kau bwk ni?” I said. They just laugh and said it was a lizard haha. This lizard known as "tokek". Ive heard about these lizard before in newspaper but cannot imagine how big it is. Seriously it was big but not too heavy. Remarkable response has been given by the people about these “tokek” was appreciating high. Many people in sabah chasing it, hoping to sell it with large size and high value. Some also found it in semenanjung. But until even now there are still many who do not know why “tokek”s traded and what is its actual benefits. A new fact in the world of medical scientific has discover that turns this lizard contain an active substance that has properties theurapetik can to inhibit cancer growth / metastasis of cancer cells, and H1N1 viral against HIV. Let us all hope the best for mankind by the discovery of this treatment system.

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